[FoRK] The Looter's War on Selfishness

geege schuman geege4 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:38:25 PDT 2009

> Increasingly it is apparent that we are experimentally testing _Atlas
> Shrugged_.  Indeed, a crude, cartoon version of it;  and as much as I like
> the message of that novel I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible,
> given how crude and cartoon-like it is in its construction.  Life, it seems,
> imitates art --- badly.
> Stephen:
> Never confuse the delivery quality with the idea quality.  That's a rookie
> mistake.  ;-)  Not that she seems to acknowledge second and third order
> motivation, which, through the principle of enlightened self-interest,
> creates government programs that seem, at a simplistic level, to conflict
> with her philosophy.
> I don't see too much of a pure Atlas Shrugged "to each according to his
> need" parallel to recent events.  In particular, on the bonus flap, it is
> exactly the point that the AIG CDS traders did not earn their bonuses in
> some obvious sense that is causing the outrage.  Same with corporate heads
> of functionally bankrupt companies with large bonuses.
> sdw
> Can *Atlas Shrugged* and Ayn Rand be added to Godwin's Law, please?


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