[FoRK] The Looter's War on Selfishness

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 23 11:36:42 PDT 2009

geege schuman wrote:
>  Jeff:
>> ...
>> Can *Atlas Shrugged* and Ayn Rand be added to Godwin's Law, please?
You'd have to add socialism first, but that's still an active 
fear-mongering epithet from right to left.

Ayn's books aren't great, but they at least make some reasonable 
points.  Not that they can't be applied completely unreasonably.

Completely different from invoking Godwin I think.  In this case, the 
reference is shorthand for a specific class of accusation.  That 
refuting it requires you to have read the books just makes the 
conversation more fun.  ;-)  The alternative is a long-winded accusation 
that describes the idea being referenced.  Well, I suppose 'socialism' 
would come reasonably close, however that doesn't cover the path.  Atlas 
Shrugged specifically depicts US capitalist -> recession -> depression 
-> "looting" -> socialism -> the Big Shrug.

> G

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