[FoRK] The Looter's War on Selfishness

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Thu Mar 26 13:09:45 PDT 2009

Oh whatever.

This is just the classic and infinitely repetitive fiat currency pump 
and dump that people have been falling for over and over (and over) for 
thousands of years. It's why Jesus was kicking banker ass in the temples 
for usury. We know how this cycle works.

Sucker people into working for paper, then lure them all into debt, then 
convert all the paper into real stuff and seize the rest to pay off the 
debt. As soon as you have it all, flush the paper (on track for the G20 
meeting in April), leaving the poor with worthless paper and the rich 
will all the atoms. We're now well past the point where anyone with 
paper money is just oblivious (I assume all FoRKers are already well 
prepared by now, right?)

But they always forget the last step in the cycle - the minions that 
pull it off, always end up on a pike, which the proles seems to be 
gearing up for now. Of course these people are smart, so the ones we're 
mad at now are so far down the food chain they probably don't even know 
the families they work for. I don't expect we'll hear any of those names 

Our early presidents fought like hell against letting the family banks 
control our country, but lost, and here we are again :( That they picked 
a black president to oversee the bankruptcy sale of the USA and take the 
blame after promising hope is evil and twisted. The exact opposite of 
the bald white bankers that are in control.

But there is hope the world finial throws off the leeches. Enough 
islamic bankers are pointing and laughing at how we let the jewish 
bankers screw us again, and the internet lets us see them laugh, that 
maybe we'll finally adopt their system ... wait, you thought the whole 
jewish vs islam thing was about something other then money? 
Hahahahahaha. It's about how you run the banking system stupid.

What makes this time so exciting is the combination of climate change 
and peak everything. Thanks to oil we've managed to make 10x the humans 
this big blue ball can possibly support by any stretch of even the most 
wild imagination. Mother nature is going to kick some ass, about 6 
billion of them, standard four horsemen protocol with help from man made 
antibiotic resistant superbugs.

But America is already 6ft under, nothing left now but the estate sale.

Since the families now control China's banks, you can rest assured they 
are the next super power (a deal with the devil no doubt), to be flushed 
the same way in... well whenever they are in enough debt ;)

*laughs* humans are so stupid, they never learn anything.

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