[FoRK] Rules of thumb

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Apr 6 15:11:08 PDT 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
>> What I "howled" about is statements that "PersonA's plan is to spend 
>> X" when the stated plan is to spend X/3.
> BTW and just to be clear, this is an utter and complete lie, 
> fabrication, complete bullshit.
Whatever.  Sorry I brought it up again.  Oh, I didn't.  Sorry I responded.
> The "stated plan" in the case of Obama's health care spend was ~$65B / 
> year.  There was never any disagreement about that, and I never said 
> it was anything other than what they said it was.  What I *did* say 
> was that that number was complete bullshit -wrt- the amount necessary 
> to achieve the stated goals, and proceeded to show you why multiple ways.
> So no, you and I were never disagreeing on the statement of planned 
> spend.  We were always disagreeing about the analysis of whether this 
> was sufficient to accomplish stated goals.  Or rather, it wasn't our 
> analyses that disagreed, since you never had one;  you just found my 
> analysis objectionable because it ran counter to your desired outcome.
I analyzed what the administration was saying, compared it to what you 
were saying they were saying and/or pointing to what other people were 
saying they were saying and noting gaps.  I guess if that isn't analysis 
then... whatever.
> jb

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