J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Tue Apr 7 23:38:46 PDT 2009

On Apr 7, 2009, at 5:41 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> This is exactly what I have been saying was missing.  Why has it taken
> this long to employ any brains on strategy???

This has always been happening -- stories like this have been floating  
around for years -- but on an ad hoc and informal basis.  It is a non- 
trivial problem to scale it up in any form, both practical and  
theoretical, but the US DoD has clearly recognized it because they've  
been running R&D programs on this and related topics for several years  

Armchair quarterbacking aside, it will probably be several years  
before they really have a way to do this as a sort of real-time  
coordinated strategy at a high level. This situation is similar to  
when they discovered that their battlespace management systems were  
wholly inadequate back in 1991.


J. Andrew Rogers

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