[FoRK] Weird... interesting.

Bill Stoddard wgstoddard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:07:55 PDT 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
> So I'm out on the road, pick up the USA Today this morning at the 
> hotel room door and am flipping through.  Somebody calling himself 
> William "1 Individual" has taken out a full-page add detailing a 
> series of fiscal and governmental policy proposals and urging folks to 
> call their Congressional reps and Senators and support them.  Now, 
> this smacks heavily of nutter, but the proposals in general are for 
> the most part pretty sound.  

This looks like a well funded 'stealth' advertising campaign for the 
flat tax.   One knee jerk response from flat tax advocates is that it's 
'fair'.  I'm far from convinced that a flat tax is fair in any sense of 
the word.  It feels intuitively obvious to me that the wealthier members 
of society derive disproportionately more benefit from infrastructure 
(highways, roads, airports, air traffic control systems), government 
enforcement of commerce laws, government 'realpolitik' in support of 
capitalist agenda, etc. than the less wealthy (draw the line for what's 
considered 'wealthy' anywhere you want.. same hypothesis applies) .  So 
yes, a 'wealthy' person pays 'more' in absolute terms with a flat tax, 
but he's getting a much better return on his 'investment' in 
infrastructure.  So, a flat tax fails the 'fairness test' by the most 
basic principle of 'paying your fair share for services you consume and 
benefit you derive from those services'.    Fat tails and all that... 


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