[FoRK] Weird... interesting.

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Tue Apr 14 13:10:24 PDT 2009

Bill Stoddard wrote on 4/14/2009 12:07 PM:
> This looks like a well funded 'stealth' advertising campaign for the 
> flat tax.   One knee jerk response from flat tax advocates is that it's 
> 'fair'.  I'm far from convinced that a flat tax is fair in any sense of 
> the word.

Pure flat tax is unfair, absolutely. The poor end up with way more then 
they pay, and rich pay way more then they use. The only fair system is 
that everyone pays the same amount, but the poor cannnot afford their 

Flat tax + flat cost of living "base" payment is more appealing. Tax 
everyone the same rate, with a standard deduction/refund equal to the 
minimal survival cost, and I mean really minimal - no iPhones, cable TV, 
or $100 shoes for the poor.

You shed the IRS and welfare systems, both of which waste vast amounts 
of money. But income or VAT? Hmmmmm...

No matter how you do it, the only thing that will be enacted is a system 
like we have now where the rich don't pay.

Adam L. Beberg

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