[FoRK] Palm, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Apr 16 16:22:39 PDT 2009

Does anyone have contacts at Palm?  I applied to the WebOS/Pre dev 
program long ago, but nothing.  I'm going to have a Pre before ever 
getting access to the dev kit.  And I have something to develop.  Are 
they trying to drive me to the iPhone??

Has anyone gone to this?  Is it worth it?

I remain most interested in Flex/AIR/Flash for the front end.  This is 
cool, although I already have the tools:

Microsoft's tools are essentially free for startups now.  I'm wondering 
how desperate they are these days.  All those iPhone apps, with yet more 
compelling commericals, must have someone groaning.


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