[FoRK] Bullish on Facebook

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 13:19:06 PDT 2009

I do not think it will come as a surprise to anyone who has read my
posts here over the last 12 years or so that I lay out what I think of
a topic regardless of tact or future backlash...and some will say
without fear of facts. Fork is a nice group of people with divergent
personalities but we do share some resonances enough to be , at times,
conversationally cohesive. Facebook does open that up in a grander
scale though, does it scale well though?

On facebook I can sort out what I read by all manner of
categorization, mostly of my own making. What I write though does cut
across all those grains. So when I am venting about the idiot
invisible sky monster followers it is being read by relatives who are
in various ministries. I am sure our next family picnic will be

Is this a bad thing? Uncomfortable maybe but bad...I hope not. I hope
it opens up dialog.

Twitter, oi twitter. Ego stroke on parade, half bits of
conversations.....the term microblogging is a bit off . I love this
bit by Beberg.."If smart people are falling into the blog brain death
spiral too, who the hell is going to actually DO SOMETHING to advance
civilization instead of just linking to other people linking to
something, all trying to get Google ad money"

Twitter has no admoney on the indi scale, the bits are less echo than
burpings, but in the end you have to work up a solid list of folks to
follow to get any use out of it. If anything Twitter is like a MMOG
based on being a good editor/filterer.

Twitter is more like an open emailist with a very draconian limit on post sizes.

"Think of twitter has having a conversation in Grand Central Stadium
in the middle of a special MTA Concert featuring DIO (with the Hansons
opening) during rush hour and half the trains are not on time.  "

Twitter is your personal thought bubble...did you think everyones
thoughts were going to be Stein and Godel?

How I make it work for me.....I use many of facebook's filtering
tools..I am quick to disallow apps from sending me msgs, I do not
friend on a whim, I use the Friend Filters. With twitter I am also
careful who I follow and I tend to use it as another way to do status
changes on fb. I have started using tweetdeck in its own desktop with
mixed results.

But what cuts across all social netowrking streams, be it irc or email
or web sites or what is to come, it is all about the flow fo things.
If it does not move me it gets cut, filtered or blocked.

Web3.0....its the filters stupid

And thats ...the rest of the story

-tom(page two)higgins

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