[FoRK] ...as opposed to Feedlot Kids?

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Fri Apr 24 16:22:53 PDT 2009

"It is very tough, often on the gray side of legal, to raise kids in
ways that do not treat them like veal.
  -- Tom Higgins (FoRK)"

I started riding the streetcar when I was 8.  Had my first job 
(delivering newspapers) at 11, and it was in downtown.  Went to the 
doctor, by myself, with a cinder in my eye at 9; it was pretty cool 
because the doc gave me a pirate patch.  I guess I had a worse Mom than 
the one cited by Aaron.

I often wonder how kids today are ever going to learn to cope with 
life's many trials and disappointments.  I told my kids to leave home 
when they were 18.  One went to college, and I pay the tuition but 
that's all.  One became homeless, and a thief; but he's getting his life 
together now (still not living with me).  The last one is still in high 
school.  He'll probably stay with me for quite awhile because of his 
disabilities.  But as soon as he learns some skills, including how to 
live on his own, he'll be gone too.


Marty Halvorson
marty at halvorson.us

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