[FoRK] Darn it, who brought up religion again?? Re: Bullish on Facebook

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Sat Apr 25 04:49:23 PDT 2009

> Philosophy of death is a way cool thing to study

What about the philosophy of Death?  (the PRATCHETT-CAPSLOCK- 
SPEAKING, scythe-wielding, pale-horse-riding, skeletal one?)

Many philosophies are built so their practitioners may remain stoic  
in the face of death, some so their practitioners may remain  
epicurean, but Death himself has the dual problem: he has to give  
himself a convincing narrative for an apparently aleatoric  universe  
in which for some unknown reason he must run around all day  
collecting these supposedly "lost" souls, in which he must come to  
grips with the problem of Mortals.

He may wish for an easier task -- to be the Death of Big Rock Candy  
Mountain perhaps? -- but every time some mortal comes up with the  
brilliant idea of trying to be a bit nicer to each other while we're  
under the sun, the others promptly poison his tea or nail him to a  
tree, and poor Death, instead of savoring the prospect of less work  
to do, just winds up incrementing his count; making the negligible  
addition to his daily round.


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