[FoRK] Homeschooling

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Tue Apr 28 05:42:12 PDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Michael Cummins <michael at i-magery.com> wrote:
> No, instead my kid gets to go to school with gangs and crack heads,
> indifferent teachers that "don't have time to spend with him because there
> are others who need their attention more", but they *do* have the time to
> spew ideological and political rants.
> ...and my kid's in the "highly gifted" program and a member of an
> "engineering magnet" school.
> Pathetic.

Sounds like my high school to a T (except engineering->language.) One
of the best things my parents ever did for me was sending me there
instead of to the local private school. I actually had to (gasp) learn
to deal with the real world. And I still got a pretty damn good

> Give me school vouchers so we can spend a decade voting for worthwhile
> schools with our dollars and letting the bad ones fail and go away.  Free
> Market in Education FTW.

You mean 'so our children don't ever have to see anyone who doesn't
look and act like them'.

(Not that I'm against vouchers per se, because the current system
blows too, but lets be honest- most people are not going to evaluate
schools on the merits. They are going to use vouchers primarily to
re-segregate and to reduce their morning drive times. They'll cloak
that in high-minded rhetoric about test scores and college admissions,
but that will all be secondary to the real reasons.)


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