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Jeffrey Kay jeff at jeffreykay.com
Sun May 3 10:40:49 PDT 2009

www.dodgeit.com has had this for a long time, but it's mostly used as a spam
trap.  If you are going to purposely redirect postings from a public lists
(no password protection on dodgeit either), you could redirect the messages
to a GUID at dodgeit.com and then get the RSS feed.  You'd have to then go back
to your e-mail account to actually reply, but that might work.  

Another approach might be to organize your inbox into 2 streams -- your
primary inbox, with mail from folks that you actually have to read and a
second inbox where everything else goes (the "river").  I turn off alerts
from my inbox (I use Outlook) and just scan the river once in a while.  This
is based on Dave Winer's "River of News" approach.

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I think this is something we've discussed here before, but do any of you
have or can suggest a good email->rss solution? I'd like to reduce the
number of interrupts I get, and since I only do rss once a day while email
is more or less constantly on, one good way to do that would be to redirect
lists that don't need regular, constant responses to rss. So I thought I'd
poke here. (There are a variety of imap->rss and pop->rss scripts but they
all look unmaintained.)

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