[FoRK] email to rss?

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Sun May 3 10:58:57 PDT 2009

On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Jeffrey Kay <jeff at jeffreykay.com> wrote:
> www.dodgeit.com has had this for a long time, but it's mostly used as a spam
> trap.  If you are going to purposely redirect postings from a public lists
> (no password protection on dodgeit either), you could redirect the messages
> to a GUID at dodgeit.com and then get the RSS feed.

thanks- I'll poke at that, though I'd prefer to do it with a
script/service I host myself.

> You'd have to then go back
> to your e-mail account to actually reply

I've not seen any approaches (other than doing it in the mail reader
itself) that don't have this problem, unfortunately.

> Another approach might be to organize your inbox into 2 streams -- your
> primary inbox, with mail from folks that you actually have to read and a
> second inbox where everything else goes (the "river").  I turn off alerts
> from my inbox (I use Outlook) and just scan the river once in a while.  This
> is based on Dave Winer's "River of News" approach.

'River of news' is the basic approach I'd like to use, so I'd be happy
to do this in a separate mail account, but there is a hitch.

Part of my discipline for doing this right now with minimal interrupts
(for rss feeds) is to only do this on the treadmill. Unfortunately,
I've yet to find a mail reader that can do this well with only 4 keys,
which is all I have accessible on the treadmill, since I'm using a
slideshow remote to control the thing. Specifically, as I have it set
up in the news reader, I have one key for 'star' (aka 'respond to when
I'm off the treadmill), one for 'next', one for 'previous', and one
for scrolling down (arrow key) through long posts. Most mail clients
differentiate between 'next mail' in a thread and 'next thread', which
pushes you up to five keys (or six if you want to go back to a thread
you've accidentally read past.)

So one alternative could easily be 'show me a mail client I can
manipulate with 2 keys + scroll down + 'star'' :)


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