[FoRK] email to rss?

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sun May 3 17:24:14 PDT 2009

My river of news client is Greader. I think there is a greasemonkey
doodad to intergrate my gmail into my greader.

Scroll and Star, yep. And then sometimes I toss it over to FB which
has become a way to share with folks Im connected to as such (which
has its own set of hazards as we talked about a few threads back)

For mailing lists, like fork, who have rss feeds I already have this.
the only times I read Fork in my mail client is when I have read
something from fork in my greader stream and want to respond...like

Workout triggers..yea meatspace actions to make intertubes
action...all very doable now more so than ever witht eh popularity of
things like the arduino. Thing is do you think my typos will get any
better(worse) if my typing is based on bench presses?


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