[FoRK] Google Wave - Reset, Observations, and Questions

Reza B'Far reza at voicegenesis.com
Mon Jun 8 09:26:29 PDT 2009


I'v enjoyed reading the different thoughts on this thread.  I spent about 5
years in the neck-deep "messaging" world... Will make some observations and
ask follow up questions to see what the opinions are:

1.  Having been in "unified" messaging, I've come all the way around to
actually think that Unified Messaging is not even a good idea.  What people
communicate, and what they feel comfortable communicating about, the mode in
which they communicate, etc. is fundamentally different froma  social
behavior perspective when you look at text vs. pictures vs. audio, etc.  I
think you can extend this easily to different modes of text (IM, Email,
Social-network messaging, etc.).  How often do some of these crazy use-cases
of "I sent a message from my iPhone to your Pre and you forwarded it to your
wife's voicemail via text-to-speech and ..." happen?  Don't people, for most
part, just want email/IM for communicating via text and that's it?

2.  You have to completely remove anything that anyone under working age
(22-24) does if you are considering doing anything with long term commercial
viability in messaging.  IMHO, people under working age use means of
communications to distinguish themselves from the previous few generations
so they purposefully force change, whether its efficient or not... And,
IMHO, you also have to have some sort of upper bound (50?) since it's been
proven that one of the reasons we don't learn "new" things as fast as we get
older is that we try to base them too much on older things... and the older
you get, the more "old" things there are in your brain, etc.

3.  Why is it assumed that a "prettier" message is a "better" message (seems
to be assumed in the video about Google Wave).  I'm curious to see what
people think on this thread, but there is a reason I don't put a million
smilies, colors, etc. in my email, particularly at work.  The amount of
cosmetic garbage in what I saw in that demo makes my brain hurt.  Do people
really spend most of their time in messaging sending around pictures and
talking about useless crap when you exclude the under 25 crowd?  I saw a
single feature that I thought would help productivity and that was the
ability to manage forked threads... but then tools like Thunderbird already
sort of have that.  Did anyone see any other key productivity features?

Most of what I saw in Google Wave in the video was cosmetic sugar... 1-2
features were really cool.  I wonder if that's a descent assessment and if
that's the case, then can you create large market penetration and monetize
based on that strategy.

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