[FoRK] google wave

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Wed Jun 10 12:54:48 PDT 2009

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote on 6/9/2009 9:46 PM:
> On May 30, 2009, at 10:28 PM, Damien Morton wrote:
>> Not just Notes - but also OpenDoc, OLE, Xanadu, versioning XML stores, 
>> all
>> that stuff that's 5 years in the future.
> These are all things I've spent more of my life on than I care to 
> remember.... been working on versioned XML stores since before there was 
> XML :) I also build a system somewhat similar to Wave back in the late 
> 80's

Isn't that what's so great about CS? Everything is in a modulo-year 
repeat. Almost all the work on multi-core was completely conquered and 
beaten to death the last time around. (well actually, this is the 3rd 
loop, only 2nd for me, but anyway...) Whats nice is that if you're 
willing to admit that, you already know all the answers - just look em up!

Naturally, that is a really serious taboo, more then enough to get you 
banished from academic circles. Emeriti don't have that problem tho, so 
they are free to talk about how they did it the last time, which is 
probably why I like them so much :)

Adam L. Beberg

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