[FoRK] Roll your own clowd storage....

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Jun 13 19:03:12 PDT 2009

Cool!  Very nice.  We need more serious private cloud tools.

It would be interesting to know what the building blocks are.  Linux of 
course.  Samba.  Licensed the filesystem client from JungleDisk or someone?

The literature talks about archiving, however it doesn't really refer to 
backup, which would be a natural similar capability.

It would be useful to understand how a block-based (i.e. database, most 
kinds of email, etc.) application could make use of this.  Besides the 
obvious: just save logs, etc. and don't try to directly address the 
block-update storage.

Also, HPC is mentioned.  Metrics about scalability would be good.

And it is said that you can just add a new server and turn off an old 
one.  There should be some kind of dashboard / system monitor to give a 
view of replication status of objects.  This is needed to show when 
there is only a single copy of objects for one reason or another.  Some 
way is needed to know how to plan for what hardware needs to be added.

Also, it is unclear whether the content router is needed to do 
distributed replication.  Can you just put servers at different sites 
with the free version?  Does the base software understand local vs. 


Russell Turpin wrote:
> The desktop utility is free:
> http://www.caringo.com/downloadCloudFolder.html
> As is the clustered storage software, for up to 4Tb:
> http://www.caringo.com/download.html
> In case anyone is curious what I've been up to. ;-)
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