[FoRK] [Pigdog] mediawiki showstoppers?

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begin Eugen Leitl quotation of Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 06:15:55PM +0200:
> > Any reasons (security, architecture, better alternatives) I shouldn't use mediawiki? 
> I'm thinking of nginx, mediawiki and PostgreSQL specifically.
> Usage pattern is collaborative document editing (less than 100 contributors,
> probably less than 10, not many hits), document depository, including rich 
> content (photos, audio and movies included, maybe even HD movies). Mostly open, 
> but with a closed space for a small inner circle of registred users.
> Ability to do safe backups and maybe clone to secondary servers 
> in a master-slave fashion highly important.
> What say you, yeah/nay?

Possible overkill, if one of the lesser wikis would
meet your needs.

The git wiki is on MoinMoin: http://git.or.cz/gitwiki
And that one requires no RDBMS, which is one fewer
thing to administer.  MoinMoin does have attachments
and ACLs.  I'm thinking about using MoinMoin for a
project unless someone really sells me on MediaWiki
or one of the others.

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