[FoRK] pirate party, transhumanist values

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sun Jun 28 03:14:27 PDT 2009

The Pirate Party is growing like crazy in our neck of the woods
(Sweden did 7.1% in the last EU vote, some 19.x% in the 18-30
age bracket; Germany did 0.9% out of the blue, and recent growth
has been huge, I'm starting to believe that 1-2% in the upcoming
national vote isn't out of question). 

Since it's the only party I can't vote for without moral contortions,
I've become a member. This is an opportunity, since we're yet in
the early phase of growth, with many aspects of the party program
yet undeveloped. I am thinking the Pirate Party is already very compatible
with transhumanist values, and I want to develop these aspects further.

If any of you have ideas what a transhumanist party should support,
please send them to me. I want to do the first draft in English, anyway,
for the benefit of other Pirate parties elsewhere.

Thanks lots. 

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