[FoRK] A Leitl Singularity

Gordon Mohr gojomo at boxbe.com
Fri Jul 17 10:03:59 PDT 2009

- a telegram from the post-human future

larger than ever.
imposed by obsolete line-printers
arbitrary path-dependencies
and the benefits of escaping
than ever before
to the weight of tradition
a larger discount must be applied
Exponential progress means

more likely.
The opposite is

Bill Humphries wrote:
> On Jul 17, 2009, at 8:48 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 05:49:41PM -0400, geege schuman wrote:
>>> It's the fear factor that keeps us at their beck and call, and they 
>>> at ours.
>> Please do not top-post. Simply putting.
> I'm going to pitch an outline to some SF&F editors at Worldcon next month.
> In the future, a vast cloud of robots will converge on the Solar System, 
> destroying everything in their path.
> They do not respond to pleas for mercy or parley, but only broadcast "NO 
> TOP POSTING" over and over.
> -- whump
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