[FoRK] Accidental theorist lost, wanted back

geege schuman geege4 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 14:00:30 PDT 2009

> Garbage, all of it. Make it legal to charge by weight, problem solved. From
> airlines, to health insurance, to Old Country Buffet. Obesity, too
> expensive. Diabetes, and all the rest drastically reduced.
> Being unhealthy just needs to cost more then being healthy.
> You'll be AMAZED how fast people will stop shoveling corn syrup into their
> mouths. Prices would collapse, and farmers would start growing *gasp*
> vegetables.
> --
> Adam L. Beberg
> http://www.mithral.com/~beberg/

Crystal meth will take weight right off.  Why can't these people just get

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