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Mon Sep 14 00:12:53 PDT 2009

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 10:33 PM, J. Andrew Rogers
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> Yes, it is an inductive modeling exercise; you can't prove a prediction, but
> you can assign probabilities. As such things go, these kinds of metrics are
> robust in a way more conventional tests are not.

I read that book. Dontcha you just love (or hate if your are not being
a sarcastic snark) how the future we have decided to build for
ourselves is based on PKD and Orwell. Heck, you would think a nice mix
of early Heinlein and some AA's Lucky Star would be better.   Could be
worse though we could be modeling on HP Lovecraft or Ayn Rand...oh

As to the topic itself... Yes it does indeed seem that if we are to
have any form of "privacy" it will only be in that all secret willbe
open and this with no one having privacy everyone will
have...something ...I am drawing from Brin's work here and I do think
while it is a nice idea we will instead get the same top down squash
of a hierarchal system wherein the top small percent of the ruling
class gets the privacy goldmine and we the lumpen get the shaft yes a
jerry reed infused evening)

Mesr Brin is well meaning enough but I think he under estimates the
last few thousand years of evidence on how human nature takes control
of large systems. With few exceptions it is top down power over the
worker bees.

Free will is a funny thing, is it free? What is the cost of free will
in the environs of control? Is the price too dear?

We buy widget X because widget X is what we should buy to both better
our social status and increase the production value of the state.
Consumption is duty. We can see in the past year or so what damage
noncompliance with the consumption laws can do to the nation state.

So we are marketed to in ways that make us feel the most happy, or the
least upset, whilst purchasing our items. Those items also are
increasingly the devices of further purchasing...monthly cable bills,
content charges, upkeep." An empty Kindle is an unhappy Kindle ..click
here and purchase the newest Dan Biege novel like all your FB friends
have. click now."

So how do we, and by we I mean not the sheeple breed but those who
might have a spark or two left in em, live in such a world?

* Join the power elite and run things....always an option.

* Subvert from with in makes some changes. .... creative commons and
PD creators are an ok example of this. Breaking down the consumption
gatekeepers lessens the control  of content, distribution and possible
data gathering. How long to this is folded into the workings of the
existing power elites?

* Subvert from without .... argh the romance of the life doing dare
doing deeds and swashbuckling adventures on the high seas of the
unlegal....which after you realize is yet another way to help prop up
the status quoitions gets lame quick. As with all things the 95% / 5%
rule holds .. the revolution will not be passed out as 0dayz scriptz
at the next 2600 gathering...sorry kids.

* Join the sheeple and be sold your allotment of happy. "hey its tax
day, time to buy new gizmos"

All that though is just the content side of the shit storm. true if we
can take away the easy collection of data it gets harder for the
models to be made and used...but in other parts of our day the
collection of data is on the rise. London's camera fetish is insane.Do
not jump on this as being wing nutery but the gov getting into the
Medical Records biz is not a happy fun thought.

Oi, I have rambled way past the witty comment I wanted to make about
this thread, sorry. I have to go level up in Mafia Wars.

-tom("why am i getting junk mail from the  Cuban Rum Makers

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