[FoRK] Dose of Reality: Celente says subtle revolution ongoing in the U.S.

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> > While everybody debates whether the glass is
> half-empty or half-full, very few seem to recognize that the
> bar's entirely out of booze and it's past last call
> anyway...
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> > From "Russia Today" --- the interviewee, Gerald
> Celente, is a well-known trends analyst with an impressive
> track record.  Enjoy...
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> >   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhaEc_4zuFI&feature=SeriesPlayList&p=93188243F6D0495F
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> > jb
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> "I'm of Italian decent and all my life I've heard mafia
> stories. i never want to hear another one because if the
> names on wall street were Celenti, Caruso, Mondavi, Puchini,
> Rossini, Botonie, Abotelli, Puchio, they'd call it the
> mafia. But you're not allowed to call the white shoe boys
> crooks and criminals.. oh no, they don't do loan sharking or
> ponzi schemes or pyramid scams; they have different names
> for them, how about credit default swaps... they make up
> names for criminal games that have bankrupted this
> country."
> Bill

He's a little harsher than me. I was thinking about the whole thing as the Wall St. version of Las Vegas or Atlantic City ... just a giant casino. Legalized and regulated gambling. Pick your own favorite way to lose money. The house always wins. In this case the gummitup makes sure the house can't lose.  

The difference is Las Vegas and Atlantic City do a much better job of risk management.

Never thought of the Wall St. barons as more Mafiosi but he's got a point.


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