[FoRK] Durable, cheap housing

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Mon Sep 21 10:34:53 PDT 2009

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 01:59:07AM -0700, Bill Humphries wrote:
>> An acquaintance installed four shipping containers on concrete piers  
>> on a parcel she bought up north of Wine Country. She's using it as a  
>> retreat and may end up retiring up there.
> These things also come in stainless steel, though that is a bit
> of pointless luxury option.
> I typically see assembled container houses using rubber gaskets
> and steel clamps to be held together.
> Insulation would be a bit a problem. I keep thinking about container
> houses for the last couple years.

I've been thinking about them for almost 20 years. Damn people stealing
my ideas, geez.  ;)

I do see that prices are coming down a wee bit. Stainless is nice for
the corrosion factors, but mild steel is easier for the end-user to
repair. Or modify.


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