[FoRK] MS Outlook is pathetic

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Sep 21 10:47:40 PDT 2009

I have almost universally avoided using Outlook.  Watching a friend's 
system get owned by simply browsing a message back in 1999 was enough 
for me.  Additionally, Mozilla Thunderbird evolved to handle my 
industrial messaging needs very well.

I have always known and chafed at the stupid handling of email addresses 
vs. display names in messages that have been hacked by Outlook.  Somehow 
some idiots at Microsoft think that you'll never need the actual email 
address in a bunch of circumstances.  Not only is this not true in at 
least some corporate environments, but it is pathetically shortsighted 
for Internet usage.  (Look at a forwarded message through Outlook.  All 
of the "addresses" on the embedded message are simply "Firstname 
Lastname".  Completely useless.)  The display name is advisory only!  It 
is the email address that is important...

I've also noticed that the only obvious way to avoid top posting is to 
edit in text responses using colors or other display offsets, which is 
clearly substandard and limited.  Try having a conversation over time 
with that!

Now I see that the "blockquote" based handling of quoted email messages 
that Thunderbird uses in HTML email is completely ignored by Outlook!  
(Outlook 2007 12.0.6504.5000 SP2 MSO).  There is no display of the 
blockquoting at all so that interspersed comments or quoting levels are 
not set off in any way. 

How does anyone use this crap for anything serious?  No wonder text 
email works so much better.  FoRK would be completely unreadable in 
Outlook with HTML email.

How many FoRKers actually use Outlook?


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