[FoRK] gMail problem

silky michaelslists at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:03:16 PDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Reese <howell.r at inkworkswell.com> wrote:
> > > I'm not certain how I could do that, for my gmail accounts. Generally,
> > > web accounts are recovered by sending email to the address that
> > > registered them. With email services, that results in a bit of a
> > > vicious cycle.
> >
> > gmail allows you to register a backup address for such purposes.
> Right. I no longer have access to the .mil account I used. If I even
> used a .mil account. I may have used a throwaway.
> Still, it is receiving mail and redirecting it to another account I
> control. I can prove that.

Sure, but you can't prove that you didn't set it up to do the
forwarding. Perhaps, somehow, the owner was tricked into setting that
up. The most commonly-accepted 'proof' of account ownership is a
password. You've lost that. Without a backup account setup, I don't
like your chances (and I wouldn't really like it in general, if you
were allowed to get the password based on having the email forwarded
to you).

Any reason you need this account back specifically? Can't you just
inform the relevant people who still email it, or change relevant

> Reese

noon silky

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