[FoRK] gMail problem

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Thu Sep 24 08:30:30 PDT 2009

silky wrote:

>> Still, it is receiving mail and redirecting it to another account I
>> control. I can prove that.
> Sure, but you can't prove that you didn't set it up to do the
> forwarding.

Huh? The double negative is confusing. Do you mean that I cannot
prove that it was me who set it up?

> Perhaps, somehow, the owner was tricked into setting that up.

I think you'd agree that such trickery is highly unlikely, if you
knew the account names in question.

> The most commonly-accepted 'proof' of account ownership is a
> password. You've lost that. Without a backup account setup, I don't
> like your chances (and I wouldn't really like it in general, if you
> were allowed to get the password based on having the email forwarded
> to you).
> Any reason you need this account back specifically? Can't you just
> inform the relevant people who still email it, or change relevant
> subscriptions?

There are a number of Alerts that send through it that need to be
updated or deleted. One of them is a vanity search on my own name,
others pertain to a former employer and his company, still others
to the inkworkswell.com domain. There are more.

I believe a gMail administrator can verify that and other information
I can provide about the account, which is why I asked if one could
contact me offlist.

After initially being dubious about
which was sent to me offlist, I took a closer look and saw that it
was a page I have not seen or filled out before, it's been months
since I tried filling out pages like it. So, I tried it. I'll see
what happens. Thank you, to the sender of that link.


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