[FoRK] Project 10^100 --- vote, bitches! ;-)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Sep 26 09:08:05 PDT 2009

Just do it.


Personally, I was torn between three of these:

   -  Enhance science and engineering education
   -  Make government more transparent
   -  Work toward socially conscious tax policies

Ultimately the second needs to be driven by government, and though  
there have been *some* strides this year by the administration they  
could still use Google's help.  But mostly it's the operation of the  
legislature that needs the most daylight these days, and I don't see  
how this would help that, really --- it would merely create another  
special interest, and do little to eliminate the intentional policy of  
obfuscation under which our "representatives" permanently operate.  As  
for the third, it's quite likely to be hugely misinterpreted,   
ideologically biased in terms of what it means, and impossible to  
measure (corollary / extrapolation of Arrow:  you can't meaningfully  
aggregate preferences "democratically" hence perhaps no scalar measure  
is meaningful.)

So it came down to the first one, for me.  In the end, it seems like  
the one that stands the best chance of having direct, measurable,  
immediate, significant, positive, and long-term societal impact;   
science and engineering education implicitly promotes skepticism,  
empiricism, numeracy, and objectivity --- all of which we have a  
dramatically-increased need for at the same time that we're seeing  
massive declines in each.



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