[FoRK] Project 10^100 --- vote, bitches! ;-)

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Sep 27 10:23:07 PDT 2009

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:
> ...
> I did it.
> For those same reasons I voted for this one:
>  - Encourage positive media depictions of engineers and scientists.
> I think, at least in North America and most of the developed world, we already have excellent programs for science and engineering education. We just need more people to prepare for and enter them. Even in the developing world there is a serious focus on, and good availability of, such programs. So we just need to give those fields more caché ... more "coolness" amongst the youngsters.

Unfortunately, those creatives that mainly create media depictions are 
precisely those that are among the furthest from understanding both what 
engineers and scientists do and experiencing the positive impact they 
have in real world situations.  Go into any tech-based company that has 
made millions or billions based on what technical designers, engineers, 
and scientists have cranked out, and usually everyone there gets it to 
some degree.  We need more tech->writer movement.
> As the description for this entry puts it we need to encourage our youngsters well in advance of them going into those programs. I think we would actually get as much or more of those desirable characteristics you listed by just getting more of our youth to start thinking about and prepping for such careers (taking the right preparatory classes in middle and high school) than by enhancing the programs themselves.

Engineering and science are usually slow-moving pursuits compared to 
constant-drama environments that make good TV, yet they are often more 
satisfying and usually far more valuable to more people.  How do you 
show that?  We've had a few examples: "Flash of Genius" for one.

> It's too bad someone didn't have the presence of mind to combine those two.
>      ...ken...

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