[FoRK] Project 10^100 --- vote, bitches! ;-)

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Sun Sep 27 11:50:57 PDT 2009

--- On Sun, 9/27/09, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> Engineering and science are usually slow-moving pursuits
> compared to constant-drama environments that make good TV,
> yet they are often more satisfying and usually far more
> valuable to more people.  How do you show that? 
> We've had a few examples: "Flash of Genius" for one.

DamnedIfIKnow. I know this might sound trite (and certainly shows my vintage) but I thought "MacGyver" did that rather well. "Numbers" makes a decent attempt today. 

"Junkyard Wars" wasn't awful; sort of a reality TV version of MacGyver. Or perhaps it was what reality TV might do today with "MAKE" magazine. "MythBusters" is not terrible.

But I'm a left-brain techy (IT professional for thirty years) so I'm hardly qualified on the creativity side.


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