[FoRK] What it means...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Sep 29 03:21:56 PDT 2009

(re: Tom  / economics / faith)

To be clear, I'm not an economist (except in some applied sense;  I'd  
rather say "complex systems enthusiast" at this point) and I don't  
have anything *resembling* faith in conventional economics or  
economists of any particular school.

The *idea* that large, complex systems --- be they galactic clusters,  
ecosystems, or economies / societies --- adhere to some kind of laws  
that make them not entirely random and to some degree predictable ---  
*that* I agree with in principle, tentatively.  What those laws might  
be are well beyond me or anybody else on this planet at present.  But,  
we try.  Discarding those hypotheses that don't fit the (eventual)  
evidence is an essential part of the process.



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