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Bill Stoddard wgstoddard at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 10:36:47 PDT 2009

Jeff Bone wrote:
> (re: Tom  / economics / faith)
> To be clear, I'm not an economist (except in some applied sense;  I'd 
> rather say "complex systems enthusiast" at this point) and I don't 
> have anything *resembling* faith in conventional economics or 
> economists of any particular school.
> The *idea* that large, complex systems --- be they galactic clusters, 
> ecosystems, or economies / societies --- adhere to some kind of laws 
> that make them not entirely random and to some degree predictable --- 
> *that* I agree with in principle, tentatively.  What those laws might 
> be are well beyond me or anybody else on this planet at present.  But, 
> we try.  Discarding those hypotheses that don't fit the (eventual) 
> evidence is an essential part of the process.
Speculating a bit further re deflation as existential thread to the 
Fed... this is an interesting little article that sheds a small bit of 
light re the Fed and gold:


in particular:
"..it remains true that gold is the enemy of the welfare warfare state 
and its central banks."


" ..governments may tax gold sales profits at some phenomenal rate, 
thereby effectively confiscating gold a second time."

Mark Faber and others are predicting gold through the roof in a few 
years time; this would mean that some essential tipping point would be 
reached and that central bankers have lost control.  If that happens, 
gold -will- be 'confiscated'... in some way or fashion either directly 
or indirectly.  Truly scary how close we're skating to the edge... at 
least it feels that way to me.


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