[FoRK] a spare Google Wave invite?

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 19:35:22 PDT 2009

One of the recurring threads I have seen over the decades is in a
"fad" that is considered an "annoyance" turn into  a method of
communication such that after a few turns of the calander folks are
want to imagine a live without it. I am sure we can all summon up a
curmudgeonly persona to say such witticism as "dang motor car things
scare the horses, aint no need to go that fast anyway" or "light bulbs
everywhere, good lord made the sun set for a reason ya know" or " we
will never need any more than 640K of ram" or "interwhatsit...bunch of
kiddies yabbering about thier own self important lives...wont amount
to much"

Valid as some of those thoughts may be, and as snuggly warm as it may
be to cocoon inside the comfort of the already had, it denies a
narrative that does offer a potential for the otherly.

Wave for now is a push and pull many way web surf with robots and
gadgets making "interesting" contributions and it may not be the brand
that moves us past what is now the norm...but I think its a vector in
that general direction.

Ok Ok but biz models, how to make money off it...thing is I think that
the evidence shows that particular attribute is not THE most important
bit in new techs being worked on, deployed, made to go viral and then
co opted for various projects needs. In short I think there is an
unspoken (on purpose or not) acceptance that the wheat and the chaff
have gone all wonky in appearance such that you let fly as much
"stuff" as you can and what lands on fertile ground and grows is
potential harvest some day real soon now.

Is there an OReilly book about this yet? What animal should it be?
Shadup, I heard that.

-tom("I like to watch")higgins

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