[FoRK] Cloud

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Oct 5 22:54:12 PDT 2009

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:
> --- On Mon, 10/5/09, Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> wrote:
>> Half the people on this list were doing that stuff in the
>> 90's, including me. Cloud is a marketing model, not a
>> technology. Just Google is an ad company and any technology
>> they decide to buy is just collateral damage (I've yet to
>> see any data that convinces me that ads work at all on
>> Gen-X+ humans)
> Forget Gen-X+. I'm over 60 and I've got filters so tight my response if someone asks is: "What ad?" 

Good luck with that.

You did catch the Microsoft patent for CAPTCHAs / HIPs for embedding the 
pattern in an ad?
Not to mention that TV ads now are often more entertaining than the 
shows they interrupt.

I think that it's odd that you have to work so hard to find things when 
you want them, when companies work so hard to get you ads when you don't 
want them.

>          ...ken...

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