[FoRK] Kindle price slashed...

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 7 10:57:18 PDT 2009

> Reese wrote:
>> Oh look, the Kindle price has been slashed by about 13 percent!
>> Now it's only about 85% more than it ought to cost, given the
>> very similar cost of some or most e-books to paper books!?!?!
> sorry, not following the logic.  can you explain?
> the more important part of the announcement, imo, is the GSM support in
> the new model (aka, 'international' support).  being tied to that PoS
> sprint data network stopped me from buying any previous kindle.

Really?  Outside the US, I can understand.  Otherwise, I've found it to be
available almost everywhere, and fast.  And why would you care on a
Kindle?  The book transfers in a minute or two or five.

GSM support is great though.

>> Will anyone be running out to buy one now?
>> Less facetiously, I'm bugged by how Amazon deleted files in the
>> recent "1984" brouhaha, though the native PDF support and larger

They've basically promised not to do that again and tried to make amends. 
Lesson learned it appears.

>> screen the Kindle DX sported did bring some interest. Should anyone
>> encounter a viable alternative that does not involve running all ur
>> data through their server and that is more competitively priced,
>> I'd like to hear about it. Or maybe Amazon will finally get the clue.

I don't think any other unit has WWAN, and definitely not for free.  I
would like some competition.

Now, if the DX were only about $300.
> there are numerous ways to get PDF files onto a kindle, and numerous
> ways to convert content to kindle format.  what clue does amazon need to
> get?
> b
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