[FoRK] Kindle price slashed...

Benjamin Black b at b3k.us
Wed Oct 7 11:40:44 PDT 2009

Reese wrote:
> Benjamin Black wrote:
>> Reese wrote:
>>> Oh look, the Kindle price has been slashed by about 13 percent!
>>> Now it's only about 85% more than it ought to cost, given the
>>> very similar cost of some or most e-books to paper books!?!?!
>> sorry, not following the logic.  can you explain?
> What logic? That e-books are priced in lock-step with hard copies is
> a verifiable statement of fact:
> http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_0_12?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=buy+ketchup+in+may+and+fly+at+noon&x=0&y=0&sprefix=buy+ketchup+
> Hard copy edition $10.07,
> Kindle edition $9.99
> This is not an isolated case, I invite you to find an exception.

so your argument is that they are making it up on the book margin?  i
would bet real money the publishers are doing exactly what the music
industry has been pushing: fucking all new business models by _raising_
prices on things that are cheaper to deliver.  internet radio?  long
insistence on DRM?  we've seen this before.

if at&t didn't subsidize the cost of an iphone to the tune of several
hundred dollars per unit their cost would be stratospheric.  that
subsidy brings with it all sorts of other effects, like at&t nuking
competing apps (google voice), refusing features (tethering), etc.
amazon can't rely on subsidies, and i'm glad of it.

now go get mad at publishers, because they are clearly the problem.
remember how kindle used to read books to you?  thanks, publishers.

>> the more important part of the announcement, imo, is the GSM support in
>> the new model (aka, 'international' support).  being tied to that PoS
>> sprint data network stopped me from buying any previous kindle.
> I'm looking for a viable e-reader device, not another way to surf
> and do email, make telephone calls, etc. 

thanks, false dichotomy!  i want a viable e-reader, too.  downloading
books wherever i am, over the air, is a big deal.  taking advantage of
that wireless connectivity to move between a reference in a book to a
wikipedia entry about it or a relevant blog post from the author?
awesome.  if you want an e-reader that just an e-ink screen and a usb
port, talk to sony.  they have want you want.

>> there are numerous ways to get PDF files onto a kindle, and numerous
>> ways to convert content to kindle format. 
> Sure. None of the alternatives are approved or particularly easy, and
> any of them may void the warranty if discovered, the last I checked.
> Possible partial exception granted for the DX, I don't remember if it
> allows direct transfer of PDF files via USB cable or not.
> Has something (else) changed?


>> what clue does amazon need to get?
> That all my data r not belong to them? That I am not alone in that
> sentiment. There's been a fine brouhaha about fedgov quizzing libraries
> to see what patrons are reading, I do not see how routing that data
> through a private company that is subject to subpoena, National Security
> Letters, and hacking, is different in any significant way. I do not
> know whether Kindle phones home with data about what is introduced to it
> via other than the approved Amazon upload-encode-download mechanism but
> if it does, it's probably the last nails in the coffin from a privacy-
> advocate point of view.
> So, who is making a non-big-brotheresque e-reader?

sony.  best of luck.


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