[FoRK] Coup Needed - What the right wing really thinks?

Michael Cummins michael at i-magery.com
Wed Oct 7 15:00:26 PDT 2009

> I'm actually interested in the knowledge of a more specific 
> group.
> There's this right-wing conspiracy theory that Obama was born 
> in Kenya (he wasn't), and is concealing that fact because it 
> makes him ineligible to be President (it wouldn't[*]).

The more salient points of that "group" can be found here:


...but that fellow also compiled the entirety of his assembled timeline into
a book, which you can buy here:


Personally, I'd support a much more lenient citizenship criteria for
President.  I know a lot of immigrants that really "get" America.  OTOH, I
know a lot of people who have been here for generations that don't, that
just take it for granted.

-- Michael

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