[FoRK] Kindle price slashed...

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 7 15:48:19 PDT 2009

--- On Wed, 10/7/09, Ken Meltsner <meltsner at alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> > I'll just keep my library card current, thanks.
> Not a problem -- in fact, a number of libraries have now
> set up ebook loans.

Yes. Mine does.

> ... and I assume DRM is used to make sure
> members don't keep a copy of the books past the "due" date
> or check out the ebook multiple times.

Yes. I have to install a media manager application in order to download the ebooks.

It's not very "tight", though. I wanted to take the book along on a long road trip so I used the media manager to save it as an MP3 file (actually about six of them) onto an SD card. It's now over three months later and the MP3 files on the SD card continue to work just fine using the native media players in my netbook and my Palm even though the "loan" period was only for about three weeks or something like that. (The library's media manager is only installed on my main desktop system.) (I do intend to finish the book someday....)


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