[FoRK] Coup Needed - What the right wing really thinks?

Andre Uratsuka Manoel andre at insite.com.br
Wed Oct 7 16:49:00 PDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 18:50, J. Andrew Rogers
<andrew at ceruleansystems.com> wrote:
> This is incorrect.
> If only one parent is an American citizen *and* the child is born outside US
> jurisdiction, the child may not even be a statutory citizen. I do not know
> what the specific rules are, but having a single American parent definitely
> does not by itself confer statutory citizenship.  The kooks are not
> fabricating an imaginary legal argument, but its validity does hinge on
> Obama having been born outside US jurisdiction e.g. in Kenya.

There is a minimum number of years that the American parent has to
have lived in the US. I know at least 2 American citizens who were
born in Brazil (and so, they are Brazilian citizens) to an American
mother and a Brazilian father.


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