[FoRK] Kindle price slashed...

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 17:07:25 PDT 2009

Re library ematerial.

>From what I have seen, at least here in the USA, most libraries are
using a company called Overdrive for drm content (audio books and
ebooks). A little birdie has told me the drm on the audiobooks breaks
like the wind at a chili cookoff  in a few moments. Also, they offer
some undrmed material, usually public domainish stuff and this does
not seem to expire if you move it out of the directory that is
controlled by the Overdrive app; Overdrive does "clean up" making sure
your expired books get wiped from that directory. Yeah. A little birdy
did some research and thus I pass it on to you.

As for the ebook offerings from overdrive, the little birdie's library
system has not hooked that function up yet  ...but another little
birdie , who is part of a library system that has that option, says
there is a set of scripts that undrms the drm such that you can keep
your checked out ebooks "longer" than you could if you had not..just
make sure you move them out of the directory Overdrive is keeping
track of.

Busy little birdies

-tom(audiobooks wise...librivox makes me so damn happy)higgins

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