[FoRK] Coup Needed - What the right wing really thinks?

rst at ai.mit.edu rst at ai.mit.edu
Thu Oct 8 08:15:03 PDT 2009

Andre Uratsuka Manoel writes:
 > There is a minimum number of years that the American parent has to
 > have lived in the US. I know at least 2 American citizens who were
 > born in Brazil (and so, they are Brazilian citizens) to an American
 > mother and a Brazilian father.

FWIW, Obama's mother was born in Kansas, and had lived in the United
States pretty much her entire life.  FWIW, according to Wikipedia
(famous last words!), the relevant criteria at the time of Obama's
birth would have been:

  For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a
  person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true:

   1. One of the person's parents was a U.S. citizen when the person
      in question was born;

   2. The citizen parent lived at least 10 years in the United States
      before his or her child's birth;

   3. A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after
      the citizen parent's 14th birthday.

So, by these rules, the only colorable case would be that Obama's
mother was too young at the time of the birth for (3) to be true
(she was 18).  

Which still leaves the birth announcement in local Hawaiian
newspapers to explain away, for those inclined to do so... but
I'll concede that the rules for citizenship by birth are 
messier than I'd been aware...


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