[FoRK] A thought on Design and Quality

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Thu Oct 8 11:52:26 PDT 2009

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo wrote:

> As an aside, it's mindblowing how fast an 8-bit version of WordStar is on a 2.6GHz system, even in an emulator. A global search/replace in a large document happens about as fast as it takes to push the Enter key. (Of course I tried it out! What old techie worth their suspenders and pocket protector could resist? Inquiring minds ... You know?)

No kidding. Not too long ago, I installed Win98 on a 2.1 gHz system.
I needed a Microsoft OS on something so that something else could be
installed (read: upgraded to), that system did not go online with
Win98), it was blazingly fast. To bad Win98 is so unstable, insecure
by today's standards, and no longer supported by it's progenitor.


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