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Thu Oct 8 14:20:29 PDT 2009

--- On Wed, 10/7/09, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> I'm sure I could find one, but which are you using?  I
> am interested, at least in the long term.  And I need to 
> start reading a whole lot of floppies soon since they are \
> all long past the 20 year likely-to-be-good limit.  
> If only to know that I can throw them away
> without regret.

Aye to that last.

Okay, the essentials... 

You can get 22Disk and 22Nice here:


Scroll down a bit to find links to them. 

22Disk is a multi-format disk reader. You will, of course, need a 5¼" floppy drive that will allow for multi-format control (eg. supports 180K, 360K, single/double-density, single/double-side modes, etc.)

22Nice is a CP/M-80 emulator.

I'm not sure if Sydex Inc. is still around but both 22Xxx programs are Shareware and I'm sure Sydex would at least be interested in knowing if someone is still using them.

You can get ZSIM here:


ZSIM is another CP/M-80 emulator. I think it's a bit better than 22Nice. 

Both of those pages are useful information sources for anyone wanting to track down any other CP/M resources. For instance, there are resources available if you need a Z80 environment.

In case it's not obvious, these run in a DOS/Command line window and you'll need to be very careful of file pathnames. I've tried them all in XP Home and they work fine. The Command Line window in XP is still mainly a DOS environment. 

I have not tried them in Vista or Windows 7. I don't think the Command Line window in Vista/Win7 is a true DOS environment anymore, so I don't know if they'll still work there. Now that golf season is nearing an end I'll have to give them a whirl on my Win7 box one of these days.

Have fun!


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