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Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 14:56:52 PDT 2009

A few random responses and thoughts on DRm, Ebooks and editors/filters

 There is a lot to be said for editing/filtering/peer reviewing not
just for books but for music, art, tech docs, email posts, etc etc.
As with much of what is being gnashed about on the ebook front, the
music front has already tested the waters, paved the paths and set up
out posts where folks cna buy souvenirs .

Tell Me What To Hear/Read/Watch - Many people like the
filtering/editorial control of their content,  thus we got peer
reviewed playlists, algorithms to find what you like (netflix just
paid handsomely to find a better one), traditional content
authoritative pickers (station managers on sirius/soma, reading lists,
movie cirtics) and like minded folks making recommendations (foafs,
social networked, office chums, etc).

Set a Good Price and...

Make It As Easy To Use As It Is To Purchase - No one wanted to buy CDS
that would work in some players and not in others, folks get pissy if
the licenses for thier music gets fubarded and they can not listen to
their collection of Dan Folgelbird on their guest bathroom's shower
mp3 device, some one some where is going to crack your insanely cool
lock that gives you a captive biz model and they will probably do it
in less time than it took you to spend a few million coming up with
the idea.  Also, do you really want to deal with the pr flack and the
tech support headaches when your drm player/mgmt dongle goes tits up
on users devices..and can you even get them on all devices..and if not
 why did you just lock yourself out of some devices...So..

Save your cash and headache, go drm free. Then set the price so it
makes sense to buy rather than pirate. Amazon blew it, imnsfho, with
ebooks but go t it right with mp3s.

Library based DRM content...At least with the Overdrive items  htey
are playing the scarcity game again. Libraries only have X licenses to
pass out for each book, audio book, etc....so you go on waiting
lists...or you get it once and break the drm which makes you and

One of the great lines in all this, books music movies etc..is that
for the majority of content creators the problem is not being
pirated...its being noticed.......If you are born a Dan Brown or a
Bono then sure...you are one of the few who has a name that will cause
folks to pirate you at first chance...but for the masses of content
creators the problem is gorwing a fanbase..not restricting it.

-tom(school pick up time means out this goes as is)higgins

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