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> I'd leave it as an exercise for the reader to match up the
> various cranky comments to specific authors and books, but there
> are too many valid pairings.

While I don't wish this book on my worst enemy, if you ever feel the urge ... some strange masochistic fascination for just how bad it can get ... I would be interested in your judgement.

This wasn't just a bad story (actually the story line had potential which is why I decided to read it). It was a really really bad story that started weak and then ran right out of steam. With still three-quarters of the book left to go. It was characters with no dimension, no (badly needed) narrative, all (juvenile, stilted) dialogue.

I couldn't find any redeeming characteristics. If anyone actually reads it I would be interested if anyone else finds one.

> Ken "Yes, I am a pinko liberal science fiction reader"
> Meltsner

Don't know if I'm a pinko liberal (maybe by 'Merican standards) but I've been a science fiction fan for years. I am discouraged that most of what is published as that genre these days is fantasy. I miss Heinlein and Clark and even Niven. I don't even mind someone throwing dogma at me if it's part of a well-crafted and well-told story.

<Looking at your reno list> Have you recently retired? That looks like my list shortly after I retired. And the lists of many of my friends as they retired. Warning: the list just gets longer. As you've likely already discovered, once into any home reno project, one thing naturally leads to another and scope creep turns into scope gallop. But eventually you will become smart enough, or broke enough, to quit and do something more sensible with your life. Like Golf. :-)


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