[FoRK] 10/GUI and con10uum

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Oct 15 08:23:16 PDT 2009

I've long said that, until we have substantially more software  
intelligence, context awareness, intelligent information presentation,  
and real multi-sense input --- the keyboard isn't going away, and the  
single-point positional input device isn't going to simply be replaced  
by desktop or laptop multi-touch for purely ergonomic and functional  
reasons.  I.e., "physical form factor and ergonomics as primary user  
interface design constraints."  Or, more briefly, "the form factor is  
the application."

Here's both an *excellent* explanation of some of this and a  
conceptual prototype for a better, future alternative to the status  


(They've got, among other things, a kind of linear / 2D-constrained  
tiling window manager;  I think there's probably still too much manual  
positional and sizing flexibility and too little intelligence.  Still,  
a great start and --- despite being a lot less "sexy" than some of the  
multi-touch GUIs, stacks, Minority Report-like timelines, and other  
demos / ideas that have been floating around --- much more practical  
and thought-provoking, IMHO.)

Now if only we can spend as much time rethinking the fundamental  
meaning of and services provided by "operating systems" (to users) as  
we have about how to reorganize and redefine the UI, we'd be in much  
better shape.


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