[FoRK] 10/GUI and con10uum

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 15 08:59:54 PDT 2009

--- On Thu, 10/15/09, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> Now if only we can spend as much time rethinking the
> fundamental meaning of and services provided by "operating
> systems" (to users) as we have about how to reorganize and
> redefine the UI, we'd be in much better shape.

Amen. That sort of thinking, we would hope, should reduce the number of gratuitous UI changes that produce no improvement in accessing the underlying functions and features. 

I'm not a Luddite but I'm generally a fairly practical person. I really really hate it when I've invested a lot of time learning to use something and the method of using it changes without any change in the underlying function to add offsetting benefit from the imposed (re)learning curve. If I have to expend the effort, please reward me for it.


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