[FoRK] Adverse selection in insurance

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Mon Oct 19 05:13:59 PDT 2009

Just a note on how we do it here in CH:

1/ everyone's covered.  why not simply have insurance act as insurance?

2/ there's a gamut of providers and a wide range of plans, but the  
relationship is directly between the insurer and the insuree.  what  
motivates this US nonsense about tying insurance to (full time?)  

3/ any social subsidization is done directly between the insuree and  
the cantons, in the form of tax credits for premiums paid.

In general I find the swiss approach of first setting market prices  
and then ensuring that no one gets given a raw deal to be much less  
schizophrenic than the american approach of first claiming universal  
rights and then quietly delivering very uneven levels of service...


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