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--- On Mon, 10/19/09, J. Andrew Rogers <andrew at ceruleansystems.com> wrote:
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> I'm sorry, you are going to have to accept the fact that
> the industry is heavily regulated at multiple levels and
> that the regulation has been an abject failure, very
> arguably worse than minimal regulation.

I'm not arguing or debating, just interested. "...the regulation has been an abject failure" at what, exactly?

Has anyone defined, or analyzed after the fact, what all that regulation of health "insurance" is supposed to achieve?

To this tiny reductive mind, looking in from the outside, it looks like someone is trying to turn the health part of the US insurance industry into socialized medicine. If that is the goal, the regulation seems to be working to some extent, yes?

Or is there some other goal(s) for all that regulation?

> > How do we keep funding effective medical research in a
> lucrative way, create true competition for appropriate goals
> such as ever more efficient and effective care, while having
> fair mutual insurance with little overhead?
> ...[snip]... 
> Biomedical R&D is the elephant in the room being
> vigorously ignored in the current debate. ... 

I don't understand. The current debate in this thread seems to be about whether American health insurance is really insurance (it's looking more and more like, probably not).

The current debate in the broader sense, in America, seems to be:

- whether socialized single-payor medicine is a Good Thing or not.

- whether tweaks to health care insurance regulations is the way to deliver [more] socialized health care, versus some other method, if you agree that you want to head down that road.

But what does the method of paying for health care have to do with biomedical R&D (potential for stagnation, you said)? 

Regardless how American health care gets paid for, won't the biomedical R&D companies still have a market for all the stuff they invent?


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